It’s Not Just a Statistic. It’s Me.

The journey to parenthood isn’t an easy one for many couples. It can be riddled with loss, months or even years of negative home pregnancy tests, a plethora of fertility drugs and treatments. The process is a roller coaster and at times can seem like your worst nightmare coming to fruition.

The statistics are scary, yet very real. When you become part of the statistic – terrifying. When you become that 1 of 4 women who experience miscarriage, your world feels quite small. The experience is isolating, lonely and accompanied by emotions you never thought you were capable of feeling so strongly. Anger, sadness, confusion, fear, guilt, envy and shame.

Despite how “common”, miscarriages are seldom spoken about. After three consecutive losses, no matter how uncomfortable it might make the audience – I am sharing and being open about our struggles. I hope that my transparency will help other women feel less alone on their journey.

Whether yours is a journey of infertility or loss, the heartache is the same. The disappointment and defeat, suffocating. Surround yourself with light even when darkness is the more appealing choice.

Something I am still working on.

Lean on those around you. Your partner, your family, your friends. Lean on your faith even when you feel your prayers are falling on deaf ears.

Something I am still working on.

There aren’t any rules or guidelines for how you’re supposed to feel or act. Grieve, cry, scream. Just feel it, whatever it is – but try to be kind to yourself.

Working on that one too…




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