The Truth About Marriage

Today, Mr. V and I celebrate four years as husband and wife. We sat in bed last night chatting about how fast these years have gone by and reminiscing about all the memories we’ve made together. Memories that aren’t necessarily all high points or jubilant ones. Which got me thinking about how intense, unpredictable and difficult marriage can be; and how important your partnership with your spouse truly is.

The universe often challenges us – births, deaths, illnesses, strained friendships, job loss or simply unforeseen obstacles. These curve balls can either rock your foundation or make you lean on each other for strength, hope and a light at the end of a tunnel.

The truth is, marriage is the hardest partnership you’ll ever be a part of. It requires constant effort, compromise and overtime. You’ll yell at each other, cry for each other and laugh with each other. How you and your partner respond to the universe and it’s plan is what makes the difference.


“Love is found not in grand gestures. It’s felt most in the simple glances, quiet moments and all the in betweens”


Mr. V, thank you for being my partner on this journey. For sitting with me in silence when there are no words to be spoken. For being a voice when mine is quieted and bringing out the best in me.


Happy Anniversary,




One thought on “The Truth About Marriage

  1. Wishing our daughter and son in-law a wonderful anniversary and are proud of their accomplishments and especially their relationship/partnership which truly is the foundation of their marriage. We love you both. Anna & Angelo

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