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Green Thumbin’

The last two weekends have been ideal for patio chillin, outdoor hikes and of course, gardening. We don’t have much green space in our backyard, but we wanted to take advantage of fresh, organic produce that is home grown.

imageHubby and I decided to attempt planting some fresh herbs, and a few varieties of lettuce for the summer. I got a little carried away at the garden centre, snatching up every herb imaginable and veggies I’d never heard of. Wrong move. If you’re planting for the first time, narrow your selections down to what you’ll actually consume.

imageSo what made the cut? Genovese basil, purple basil, parsley, green leaf lettuce, romaine and radicchio. We figure if we don’t kill anything this year, we’ll add some new friends next summer.



Our herbs and veggies are planted in containers on our patio. Here we a few tips from Better Homes and Gardens, to get you started:

  1. Choose a large container that holds plenty of soil. More soil means more moisture and less watering.
  2. Put your containers in full sun.
  3. Make sure your container has drainage holes.
  4. Talk to your garden centre experts about the optimal soil to use.


Happy Gardening!


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