An Open Letter To My Mommy

Yes, I still call you mommy.

At almost 31 years old, I call you to say goodnight and we talk at least a handful of times a day. I’ve made the roast a dozen times, but still ask if I’ve missed something. I ask if you like my hair cut, because your opinion always matters.

My teenage years were spent driving you crazy and giving you attitude only a sixteen year old could. In my twenties, we argued about curfews and how often I needed the car. Now in my thirties, I look back at the ridiculous things I did, said and put you through over the years – you put up with a lot. That’s what mothers do.

imageYou’ve overcome so many hurdles in your life with grace and resilience. You’ve taught me that hard work does pay off and given me the power to be an independent, out spoken woman. You support my dreams, applaud my accomplishments and comfort me through life’s defeats and sorrows. I value your opinion more than ever. I value your friendship more than ever. I value the time we spend together. I value the sacrifices you’ve made to ensure my happiness.

Being a mom is the hardest job in the world. Your work is truly never done. Thank you for all you do and all that you are.

I love you Banana. Happy Mother’s Day.



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