Family Is Everything

It’s a holiday today – Family Day. A day set aside for us all to take time out of our busy lives and spend it with those nearest and dearest. I question why one day of the year is dedicated to family and deemed a recognized holiday. The importance of time with family should be an everyday priority. Something we all make an effort for throughout the year.

The reality is that we ARE busy, we ARE stressed and we ARE over booked with appointments, work meetings, kids birthday parties and play dates. I often wonder why our calendars aren’t flooded with lunch dates with our parents, visits with grandparents and shopping dates with our siblings.

Over the years, I’ve experienced a dramatic mind shift. I will say that I was raised to value family and our time together. I lived within a four block radius from all my family members. We saw each other daily or chatted multiple times within a day. Shared meals weekly and were entangled in each other’s lives.

When my husband and I moved away from our families  (a twenty minute drive, which was hard for me at first lol) I noticed even more how connected we all are. I missed the daily facetime and being in the loop. I found myself calling my parents, aunts and grandmother several times a day and seeking that interaction. I learned even more, how much family meant to me.

imageMaybe it comes with age or the realization that life is precious and can change in the blink of an eye – but I cherish each moment, every phone call, endless lunch invites and warm hugs.

Make the time. Make family a priority. Put them first and tell them how important they are and how much you love them. Whether it’s the family you’re born with, the one you gain along the way or the friends that become family – family is everything.


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