Eyes On The Prize

As we approach the end of another year, I find myself gazing at a list of goals my hubby and I set for 2015 – a Velocci vision board so to speak. We keep our list in the office and it serves as a constant reminder of where we were and how far we have come.


We each set individual goals we want to achieve – career, education, fitness, etc; and goals we are working on as a couple – making our house a home, growing our family, etc.

This is something we have been doing for the last three years and it’s done wonders for us. The process allows us to really evaluate our own strengths and areas we want to work on. Our combined goals keep us focused as a couple, and have kept us working hard for the things we want to achieve together. With every goal achieved, we proudly cross it off the list and relish in the satisfaction. With every struggle, we re-evaluate the plan and move forward.

This year is no different. We have already begun to think of our 2016 goals and happily reflecting on how amazing this year was for us. My advice is to set yourself up for success and always work on a better version of yourself. Make this year one of evolution and growth by creating your own vision board filled with personal goals.

Be a goal digger!



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