This week I celebrated a very special birthday. Leaving my twenties behind and entering a new and exciting decade – my thirties.

imageThe months leading up to my birthday had me feeling scared and nervous about this next chapter. This year kind of crept up on me and then punched me in the face. Changes I didn’t see coming and others I welcomed with open arms. Getting older is most definitely a privilege. It means you’ve survived another year, grown and hopefully become a little wiser.

With that wisdom came reflection about life and the energy I wish to surround myself with. I feel like your thirties are the decade you really settle into who you are. At this point, you aren’t finding yourself. You aren’t searching anymore. You’ve stopped apologizing for yourself and you’re owning every choice you make. I have begun to care more about how my choices reflect my personal integrity and moral standards – less about how they measure up against other people and their opinions. My values have deepened and my relationships have strengthened.

I spent the weekend celebrating with my husband, family and friends. The people I care most about in this world and the people who continue to propel me forward and in a positive direction. All the emails, calls, texts and social media posts really made my heart smile. They were a beautiful reminder of all the love around me. Today and everyday, I am grateful for the life I have been blessed with and the profound connections I have made.

Thank you for making this birthday extra special and memorable. I am ready to embrace the journey ahead with an open heart and mind; welcoming all the beautiful twist and turns that may lie ahead.

With love and gratitude,



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