How Alessia Got Her Groove Back

Hi friends!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted. It’s been a long, busy winter – but Spring is here, and I’m back! The last few months have been hectic to say the least. I’ve felt pretty burned out and not myself for some time now. In desperate need of a pick me up, I decided to visit the Yoga Conference & Show last weekend.

This was my second year attending and I was pumped to see new vendors and what the show had to offer. I was delighted to learn that Surfset Canada was offering a class on the show floor. I immediately signed up and spread the word to my colleague and fellow yoga lover, Terra.
imageNot knowing what to expect, I approached the class with an open heart and mind. I was hopeful that my months of slacking wouldn’t have me hyperventilating on my surfboard.

We had the pleasure of being led by Ann Green – world-class athlete and yogi. Ann’s energy and spirit is larger than life! She emits an incredible sense of power, strength and playfulness that is contagious. Her class ran for two hours and encompassed some traditional yoga flows mixed with high energy sequences that had us sweating! The class left me feeling invigorated, awake and wanting more.

I “rode the wave” of this high straight into the start of my work week. The sun was shining, temperatures rose and nothing could knock the smile off my face. I have been channeling this energy all week and using it to help with my 21 Day Challenge. My colleague and fellow blogger, Vanessa Bianchi shared this amazing mind-shift initiative at our monthly staff meeting. It focuses on reflection, gratitude and the habits which can make us happier in all aspects of our lives. I am looking forward to the impact this challenge will have on both my physical and mental well-being.

Well-being, albeit emotional, mental and physical is essential to a healthy and balanced life. I continue to be intrigued by these connections and I am always looking for further inspiration and teachings. A good place to start you ask? Bliss by Ann Green. Check out their class offerings, workshops and retreats to guide you along your journey. Many thanks to Terra, Ann and Vanessa for helping me get my groove back 🙂



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