Mr. Velocci

My apologies for being MIA as of late. It’s been a busy week to say the least. But, the best kind of busy, filled with exciting things in the horizon.

More importantly today is my hubby’s birthday! He’s not one for attention, but that’s too bad – ha! He deserves it for all he does and all that he is. Best friend, loudest fan, funniest human alive and all heart. There’s nothing he wouldn’t do for his family or friends.

imageI have had the pleasure of watching him grow into the most loving, hard-working man on the planet. Everything he does is for us and our future family. I couldn’t ask for a better husband, friend and partner in crime.

Today is a day to celebrate that. To celebrate him and all he has accomplished. Twenty nine years, and the best is yet to come. Happy Birthday, Mike! Cheers to you, the year ahead and continued blessings as you round out the last year of your twenties.

I love you to the moon and back.


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