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Local Love | Plant Trainers

It’s amazing how you can make great connections in your own community. Through my local CSA market – Highmark Farms, I was introduced to Shoshana Chaim.

Shoshana along with husband Adam, developed Plant Trainers.  Together they develop nutrition and fitness plans to improve your life and well being. I was lucky enough to connect with her last week and talk about the incredible resources and services they are providing to individuals and families.


Just-a-Smidge: What services do Plant Trainers provide?

Great question. The services we offer are really endless. We want to help our clients as whole people, mind, body and spirit. Generally we have nutritional and fitness counselling and personal training. We work with people one-on-one or we can do conferences or groups as well. We can have you breaking a sweat in the gym, park or basement or walk you through your kitchen or grocery store in order to make nutrition changes to better your health. We do many phone consultation with people all over North America. We help people with managing their fuel, or food, for endurance training, meal planning or just plant-based conversations.

Just-a-Smidge:  What sets you apart from other nutritionists and personal trainers?

We predominantly concentrate, but don’t limit ourselves to, plant-based lifestyles. Many trainers or nutritionist do not have a lot of knowledge or personal experience with plant-based living. We do and we are able to help you with your ever-changing needs and goals. We will provide our clients with appropriate literature, pod casts, documentaries or whatever else they may need to be successful. We deal with the whole person and are extremely flexible for our clients needs.

Just-a-Smidge:  What are some tips you can give to someone trying to make the transition to plant-based lifestyle?

This is a trick question. I’d say that it really depends where the individual is at with their diets at the time. If someone is eating a basic North American diet I would suggest:

1. Buying a new fruit or vegetable each week and exploring its qualities and researching how to prepare it. Oh ya, and eating it!

2. Start scheduling plant-based meals into your weeks. For example: meatless Monday or a raw Sunday lunch.

3. Explore! Find an awesome vegan restaurant that will show you how good plants can taste and inspire you to cook similarly at home. Find a local Farmer or CSA.

4. Find a mentor. It can be a real person, a book or a blog. Something(s) or someone(s!) you can use as a resource and motivation in your quest. (Or hire me!) Remember: Junk is junk, so avoid it. Eat plants, not plants that are processed to look feel and taste like brand name cookies and other boxed foods.

Just-a-Smidge:  What are some go to products/foods everyone on a plant-based diet should be incorporating?

Nuts and seeds! If people tell you that you are eating like a bird, be happy. Birds are strong and resilient creatures!

Fat. A plant-based diet is not about low fat and calorie counting. Feed your brain with quality oils and avocados. It will help fill you and nourish your body. Do not overdo it though!

B12 is something that usually needs to be supplemented. Speak to a professional about how much and what kind you should be taking.

Shoshana and Adam have a tremendous amount of knowledge and personal experience with a plant-based lifestyle and diet. They are an active family, not to mention marathoners, triathletes and Team Vega members!

Together they are changing lives and helping people reach their utmost potential. Stay tuned next week for a feature recipe from Shoshana and Plant Trainers.


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