Sweet Signs

As this day approaches every year, it seems harder and harder to face. They say time passes and it gets better. I’ve yet to experience this. It’s a constant reminder that you’re is missing.

Today, I accompanied my mom to an appointment at Mount Sinai Hospital. A routine visit with her long time surgeon. The same surgeon you brought her to over thirty years ago. As we walked through the hallways she shared stories of her past. How you would bring her downtown for medical appointments, stay by her bedside and pray for her recovery.

It isn’t the first time I’ve taken her to a visit. Typically, we head down early and grab something from the cafe for lunch. Today like always, we did just that. Instead today, the cafe was gone. We stood disappointed and contemplated what to do.

We walked down the corridors, hopped on the elevator and headed to find a spot for lunch. Our aimless wandering led us to the lobby of Princess Margaret Hospital. A lobby all to familiar to us. It was only four years ago, that we (our family) trekked to PMH to take you to your own visits and treatment. After most visits, we stopped for a corned beef sandwich at Druxy’s. It was something you looked forward to after treatment. Those lunch dates took our minds off what was really going on. We laughed, joked and reminisced.

For one year, we stayed by your bedside and prayed for your recovery.

imageSomething led us to that lobby today. It was you. Today on your birthday, you sent us a sign. We couldn’t spend your birthday celebrating together, but we spent it together in spirit. We sat and chatted over a corned beef sandwich about what an amazing man you were, and how proud you would be of us all.

Things may have changed since you left us, but one thing always remains. We carry a piece of you everywhere we go. You continue to inspire, guide and support each of us.

Today was an example of just that. Today I was reminded that you haven’t been missing. You have always been here.

Happiest of birthdays to you Nonno. We love you.


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