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Fresh Friday

Yesterday was the perfect day to hit up a patio. So, I did just that with my sidekick sister-in-law, Alejandra. We hit up Fresh restaurant in the city for beers, sunshine and delicious food. It may boast a vegetarian menu, but there really is something for even the biggest carnivores. From burgers to wraps, and everything in between, I have yet to be disappointed.

our delicious lunch from Fresh, brewskis and my sidekick sis-in-law, Alejandra

After a delicious lunch full of quinoa battered onion rings and sweet potato tacos – we headed back to my place for some backyard beers. Our hubbies (the twins) and friends Jimmy and Luigi, joined us as well. It was one of those impromptu afternoons filled with laughs, Tyskies and adventure planning. Our little lunch date quickly turned into a dinner date, and before you knew it – pizza made its way into our tummies. It wasn’t planned and it was perfect. These are the days I enjoy the most.

After dinner, I met my long time soul sista Antonella, for coffee and overdue catching up. After years of travelling the world, she has moved back home and I couldn’t be happier. She is one of my bestest friends who challenges my mind and makes my heart happy. We spent the night dreaming of summer hikes and summer nights.

It was a splendid Friday. Spontaneous and full of friends and family. I’m anxious and excited for all that summer has in store.

Have a great weekend friends!



P.S. If you’re looking to recreate those ever so yummy onion rings, check out this recipe from Cooking Quinoa. They may not be identical to The Fresh bad boys, but they’ll come close.

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